Do you want to receive the best education in the world today? What about fulfilling your dream to work in an English-speaking country? The IELTS test may be a necessary step on your journey. IELTS stands for “International English Language Testing System”. Whether you want to study abroad for your bachelors, masters, or doctoral candidacy, the academic IELTS test is the key that will open your door to the best universities of the world. The general IELTS test can also be used as a placement test for professional migration to countries like Canada, the UK and Australia. The score you get, bandscore 1-9, determines your CEFR English level, ranging from A1(starter)-C2(proficient). This score is used by universities and migration authorities to determine your English proficiency. The standards of English knowledge are rising all the time and the highest possible score is absolutely essential if you want to get a competitive edge over other applicants.

At Next Level English we prepare students at the highest level possible, focusing on fluency and pronunciation with native speakers, grammatical accuracy, active vocabulary building, writing coherence and cohesion together with academic thinking. Every lesson is taught thematically in a modular structure at the B2 (upper-intermediate)-C1 (advanced) level. Our native speaker teachers have a great record of getting students high scores, consistently in the top 7-9 range. Currently our former students’ study all over the world in top universities from the USA, UK and Canada to Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. If your dream is to study and work in some of the most exciting places in the world, we can help you get there!

As always, we are unique in offering all lessons with 100% Native Speaker instruction. Request a callback from our administrator to ask a question or get started today!
Course Type: IELTS Academic/General (individual or mini-group)
Teacher(s): 100% Native Speaker (USA/UK/Canada/Australia)
Course Duration: 36 astronomical (60min) hours
Materials: Objective IELTS Advanced (Cambridge University Press), teacher’s notes (provided)

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