How to see results

How can you effectively increase your level of English in an interactive, practical way? Learning a language is a lot like going to the gym, it requires discipline and daily routines. There is no “secret trick” to improving your English level, but with the right teacher and the right program you will see results... guaranteed! As always, at Next Level English we hire only professional Native Speaker teachers from English-speaking countries like the USA and Australia. Each of our teachers has, on average, 10 years experience teaching English. We know the day-to-day process of language learning and we know how to get you the results you need.

Grammar: to be or not to be?

Has grammar continually been a weak area for you? Do you often feel like you don’t have a large enough vocabulary to express yourself? Typically people study lists of new words and grammar rules separately, but this is usually ineffective. Research suggests that grammar should be taught together with vocabulary (a process called “lexical grammar”), using “chunks” of language like a blueprint for you to build upon. This approach gives students a deeper knowledge and intuition of how English works, and as a result builds fluency. Our teachers also give you practice with specific speaking and writing tasks so that you can apply the new lexical grammar concepts in real life contexts. This recipe for success will have you sounding like a Native Speaker in no-time!

The “Language Barrier” Myth

But is it possible for an adult with little-to-no knowledge of English to become completely fluent? This question is similar to asking “Can an adult with a sedentary lifestyle see results at the gym?” The answer is: of course they can! But those who see the best results focus on the daily process without losing sight of their their long-term goals. Many adult learners say they have a “language barrier” but surprisingly this barrier is a self-imposed myth. The good news is that it can be easily removed. The most effective tool to remove the language barrier may surprise you, but it is CONFIDENCE. So how can you become more sure of yourself and speak without difficulty? With our native speaker teachers you will build up the confidence to speak in ways you never thought you could!

Overcoming the Intermediate Hurdle

Many students come to us seemingly stuck in the intermediate level. They’ve studied English for months, often years, and seem unsatisfied with their progress. On one hand, they may be able to speak with some level of fluency, but on the other hand they want more accuracy and language range. They feel stuck in their learning and don’t know how to get to the next level. We call this the “intermediate hurdle”. Only an expert teacher knows how to move students from an intermediate level (B1-B2) to advanced (C1). By focusing on challenging advanced grammar and vocabulary, academic writing and reading tasks, discussions on abstract topics and presentation skills, we will take you to the next level.

We teach all six (6) levels. They are:

• Starter (A1)
• Elementary (A2)
• Pre-intermediate (B1)
• Intermediate (B1+)
• Upper Intermediate (B2)
• Advanced (C1)

Each level takes between 50-60 astronomical hours to complete using the English Unlimited series, Cambridge University Press, and teacher’s notes.

You can study in many ways:

• Individual (standard or intensive)
• Pairs (standard or intensive)
• Mini-group
• Group

Or invite us to your office for on-site training

Business English

Business English is a holistic course which is aimed at improving student’s English level using business topics and tasks.

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